I’ve been called geek, smartass, weirdo and everything in between. But what should matter to you is that I’ve also carried more politically-correct titles on my business cards, from Art director to Executive Creative Director, and everything in between.

Almost two decades in advertising comes with a couple of grey hairs (just a few) and tons of experience in all of its formats:  the classic media that no one really wants to talk about anymore but still work on every day; the ones with the word social in it; the digital-everything, and even the complex and trendy ones with unproven effectiveness yet.

I consider myself lucky to have worked for brands such as LG, Toyota, Oreo, Western Union, T-Mobile, Inter Milan, Verizon, PlayStation, Colgate, Converse, Pelé (yes, the best soccer player of all time), Holiday Inn, DC Shoes, Jim Beam and Kia Motors among others and I sincerely apologize if I forgot anyone.


But wait, there’s more! 

Through the years I have been recognized in all major international awards like Cannes, London International Awards, One Show, New York Festivals, and featured on the cover of Luerzer’s Archive Magazine, but more importantly I made a lot of friends while doing this advertising thing.

Paychecks (all of them properly reported to the IRS) have come from these lovely people: FCB, Saatchi & Saatchi, Young & Rubicam, The Community, Gravity Media, Circus Marketing, Lopez Negrete Communications.